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Holistic Coaching & Energy Harmonization


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A 90-minute session to unlock some of your roadblocks, (re) gain clarity, harmonize your energy and more, via Zoom.

Holistic Coaching to embark on the journey towards your sovereign self

Bringing to consciousness the current blocks, shifting the limiting beliefs, resetting the repetitive patterns, removing fears, and much more: Holistic coaching is a powerful tool to regain your sovereignty.

Some reasons people choose to

work with me:

- Major life change (career shift, divorce, loss,...).

- Feeling lost, stuck, or like they don't belong to this society/planet.

- Desire in finding their life purpose and meaning.

- Challenging personal issue.

- Feeling misunderstood & a bit different.

- Longing to connect and work in partnership with their higher-self.

- Feeling : "I have it all, yet I am not happy, joyful and fulfilled, what's wrong with me!"

Good news: There is nothing wrong with you!

Quantum Energy Harmonization & Inner-Self Connection

The purpose of energy harmonization is to treat energetic imbalances in order to bring the body’s systems back to homeostasis.

Benefits of energy harmonization may include:

Can help you reduce anxiousness and sadness

May help you improve relationships

Can help identify energetic root cause of physical or emotional symptoms

Can help you easily remove imbalances that may be holding you back physically and emotionally

Pain reduction

Sleep improvement

Used as Complementary Medicine

Boost Brain Health

Promote Mental Health

May Improve Healing


It's completely non-invasive

Can be done in person or from miles away

Gentle and pain-free

No drug interactions

Higher-Self Connection: Reconnect with higher-self to regain sovereingty. Let your "wise-within" (the inner voice) guide you through your journey with ease.

For more details on Energy Harmonization, click here: https://delphinedeflandre.systeme.io/quantum-healing-energy-session

My Commitment To You

I am committed to guiding you, supporting you, empowering you, for lasting changes and results and regaining autonomy over your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.


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About Delphine

1. The start of a journey

Hi, my name is Delphine Deflandre.

In 2011, I leave my beautiful country of birth (France) where I spent a large and beautiful part of my life, to live in the United Arab Emirates and the United States, to pursue my professional and personal life.

2. Wake-up Call

After 15 years of professional experience in different industries moving from job to job without much passion (marketing, logistics, HR, finance...), I found and followed my path, what makes me vibrant, by reconnecting to my essence (my "true self") in 2017.

3. Being in service of something bigger than myself

Since then, I have been guiding people all over the world in French and English, via a customized coaching program of 3 to 12 sessions of one hour each during which the trio Mind, Body, Spirit is stimulated to gently and effectively bring about the desired change.

4. Putting it into practice

Having traveled this path of self-reconnection and transformation myself, I combine this experience with a combination of tools for which I have trained, such as neuroscience-based life coaching, Eden energy medicine, energy psychology (EFT), health & wellness coaching, and energy, sound & spiritual healing, all with a background of intuitive guidance.

5. Sharing

I regularly organize workshops and online classes (Sign up to the newsletter to receive the monhtly updates: https://bit.ly/contactdelphine​). And for those who wish to walk this path independently while having a regular follow-up, download the app, with a customized "Inner journey", to (re)discover the joy of living, vitality, meaning of life, power over one's life: all at one's own pace.

Questions? info@delphinedeflandre.com

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